Homeless Hero Prevented a Rape

‘hypermooo’ wrote: “This homeless man roams our Campus everyday without bothering a sole. He is a campus hero having saved a girl from being raped 15 years ago.”

Homeless Hero Prevented a Rape

“He wonders around and keeps to himself, but if you greet him with hello, he always smiles and nods… but never says a word.

Everyday he goes to the student restaurant and sits down. Staff bring him a meal, 3 times a day everyday. Normally a homeless person would be removed from such places by security but his act of valour, saving a girl from being raped about 15 years ago, has allowed him to remain unbothered. He was offered free accommodation but insisted the free food was more than enough.

About 3-4 years ago, the restaurant was taken under new management and they refused to feed him. The students of UCD threatened to boycott the restaurant indefinitely if this harmless hero was not fed. They gave in and this gentle soul just wonders around our campus with a vacant look in his eyes. More needs to be done for him but all he ever accepts is food and coffee.”

This image is taken by the Humans of Ireland.



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