The Kelli Smith Appeal

Dying Dad Tom Attwater is now in the Final Push to Raise £500k for Daughter’s Operation

Tom Attwater, a BRAVE and loving father, is now asking for one final push to achieve his dying wish of raising enough money to pay for his daughter’s life-saving operation.

Tom Attwater

Here at Kindness Blog, we were delighted to hear that the Kelli Smith Appeal this week reached over 75% of its target and kept Tom’s dream alive of raising £500,000 before this Christmas for his daughter Kelli.

Tom has been told he is dying from a brain tumour and before the inevitability of his heart-breaking condition arises, he wants to help his daughter who was diagnosed with a condition which could mean she too will be fighting a battle with cancer again if she relapses.

To ensure against this, £500,000 is needed for an operation in America and the heroic Tom is attempting to raise this, all while suffering from the brain tumour himself.

kelli attwater
Please donate to help Kelli win her battle with Cancer

The efforts Tom has been putting in have mentally and physically drained him- an admission that can surprise no-one, and now, more than ever, is the time to grant him his last dying wish as it is so near yet still so far. In a heartfelt plea, Tom said that although his health is deteriorating and he has had ‘many dark moments’ he is more determined than ever to not let Joely and Kelli down before he goes.

tom attwater
Tom, Daughter Kelli and wife Joely

Tom said: “My brain tumour is getting worse and I am finding it harder to do normal things so asking for more help now is more important than ever for us. We still haven’t reached where we need to be and that is why I’m appealing for more people to help.

“There have been many dark moments with my illness in the last few months but I am determined to not let Joely and Kelli down before I go and really need to make sure the monies are raised before then.

“It feels great to have reached a figure close to our target but it also feels harder to raise money now as many people think we don’t need too. This is why we are making a large call for people to help us finally reach the £500,000 figure we really need to achieve. Please continue to help us.”

Despite his deterioration in health and the frustration of being promised things that do not materialise, Tom stressed he will always persevere in helping his little daughter.

kelli attwater
Kelli has already beaten the disease twice. However, she is likely to relapse and need treatment in the United States.

He continued: “Raising this amount of money is a team effort but ultimately running the appeal is a huge job and takes a lot out of me, mentally and physically. We are approached by many people who say they want to help us but then don’t.

“It is exhausting discussing new events and ideas every day for many unfortunately to come to nothing. However, it is a price worth paying as many events do fantastically well and being let down is common within fundraising. No matter how frustrating it can be at times, helping Kelli beat Cancer is so important to me that I’ll always persevere.”

The 75% mark is nonetheless a huge milestone for Sutton Coldfield’s Tom, Joely and Kelli and one Tom even admitted he wasn’t sure they would be able to make.

He said: “I don’t know whether I did always believe we would reach the £500,000 mark but I knew we would give it our best shot and if everyone helped we had a good chance. Luckily many people have supported us to get close to the target. We are lucky that the newspaper has helped us immensely too.

kelli smith appeal
Kelli and Tom make silly faces as part of the Cancer awareness campaign. Tom can’t beat Cancer but KELLI CAN

“I’ve been so shocked at the number of kind people that have helped us. Family and friends firstly but amazingly we have been approached and helped by so many people who saw of Kelli’s Appeal in the Observer or on Facebook online. I’d like to extend the families biggest thank you and say that raising all this money is a team effort and we really appreciate your help.

“It has brought us closer together as a family but at times working on fundraisers and planning fundraisers does make it hard to get much quality family time together. Carole Smith, Kelli’s Nan, has helped us an extraordinary amount and this has lifted some of the pressure.”

Kelli Smith

In one last plea, Tom urged anyone and everyone to help fulfill his dying wish as he thanked everyone who has helped so far.

He added: “Finally I would like to say thanks to everyone that has helped us and please continue to do so. It means the world to us.”

Tom has 4 months left to hit his target and time is running out for him and his little family. PLEASE, consider donating anything you can, no matter how small. Even if you are unable to donate, please share the links to the Kelli Smith Appeal far and wide! Every donation and share helps Tom get closer to realising his dying wish.

For more details about Neuroblastoma and Kelli’s appeal, visit Kelli Smith Appeal or follow their Facebook page The Kelli Smith Appeal or you can email Tom Attwater at

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