1. Grief is global – we all suffer it. I have, my daughter has, and so many of my friends and neighbors have. It is part of life. But, it is how we deal with it that matters, and to greet grief with the acceptance of the kindness of others helps in great measure, Kathy. Thank you for your story. You are a very gracious person. 🙂


    1. Yes, grief is something humans experience in many different ways, yet the kindness shown to us is the healing balm needed. I am grateful for your kind words and that you liked my story!


  2. Kathy,

    Your story touched my heart deeply. I am so sorry for your loss but I am inspired by how you have poured your heart out to those in similar situations.

    My mom died last week at age 84. She had metastatic breast cancer, and after living well with cancer for over 25 years, was in Hospice this September. My 91 year old dad was her main caretaker, and I was caretaker #2. At the funeral and afterwards, we were overwhelmed by the kindness, thoughtfulness and love of so many, which came in the form of hugs, cards, visits, phone calls and flowers.

    Everyone said what a light my mom was, which always makes me smile. Dad and I miss her, but we know she is where she wanted to be, and from there is doing all kinds of good work and influencing lives with her teaching. There are happy days and sad days, but we know that we will always have her with us.

    The fact is that we in this country do NOT talk enough about dying and death. We fear it and ignore it and try to put it out of our minds, but it is only another process. It’s merely a transition. You, by offering hope and acceptance and how to move forward, are helping and comforting so many (including me). Much good luck in your excellent work, and by blogging your experience here, you are touching many lives who desperately need to hear the hope you offer.

    Thank you ,



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