The President and the Tow Truck Driver

Clarence Baugh, who clears a path for all presidential motorcades through New York, has served every president since George H.W. Bush. But until this week, he’d never met one.

Baugh is the longtime driver of the tow truck in the “sweep team” that precedes all presidential motorcades through New York, ever ready to remove any and all obstructing vehicles.

The New York cops call him the tow truck driver to the presidents.

The President and the Tow Truck Driver

“In a world in turmoil where the president of the United States is in search of a course of action, one man clears the path ahead, and if there’s anything in the way, he moves it,” an NYPD sergeant said this week. “His name is Clarence Baugh.”



      1. Yes, but I see him doing this with a lot of people. It treats the other person as a child. I’ve been with Presidents and they are preceded by an ominous and powerful entourage, which sets up their visits. They glow and seem bigger than life and enraptured. I like my Presidents to treat others with the insistence of equality. I feel like Baugh felt belittled if not then then after. This is especially important when dealing with the heads of other states. I would bow, if I were the President before even the representative of the smallest country. We don’t have to prove we are better than or stronger. We have to prove we are equal as human beings.

        You are correct. It probably was brief, certainly a photo op and The President’s way of controlling Baugh, who like anyone he meets, he is in close contact. He needs to be in physical preparedness in case Baugh baulks.

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  1. Reading some of the comments, I reminded of an old HR saying of “no good deed goes unpunished.” To be honest, we should avoid the temptation of our leaders and spin-doctors to make everything political. I personally have grown weary of these endless “zero-sum” games. I guess I am a naïve 55 year old white man, who has been a Republican, Democrat and Independent who votes for the candidate not the party, but I saw a nice gesture from our imperfect President, who is not running for office. That is the opinion of this Old Fart. My opinion and $2.25 will get you a grande cup of coffee at Starbucks. BTG

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  2. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some see positives; others see negatives. That’s the way of the world. I prefer to see positives. The President could have put his hand on Baugh’s arm or hand that he was shaking. Of course, it was a photo “op.” Every time the President is in the public domain, he’s “on stage.” So what? That’s part of the deal. There will always be those who will take every inch of every photo in which the President appears and devour it with their rheumy eyes. I’m just a 76-year-old woman who also just votes for the person; not necessarily the party. Am I naïve? A matter of opinion. Just sayin’.

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