This Is My Sign Of Depression – Social Experiment (Video)

‘Will Is Everything’ (Alan) wrote: “First and foremost I was acting the entire video these are not my actual thoughts; I am not depressed. The crying was done to see how he would react.

This video will restore your faith in humanity when it has been shaken by the troubles in this world. . . It definitely restored mine while I was filming it so much so that I literally had to take breaks to regroup and gather myself before the next shot. I was very moved by the people in this video especially the last two shots with the sign.

The idea was to appear close to committing suicide to see how people would respond and everyone that I put in the video clearly responded with care and shock. A few responded negatively but i chose not to put that in even though what was said would have probably gotten this video on worldstar.

The idea for the last part was to hold my “Sign of depression” simply to see who would stop and see what was going on. Most people walked by, looked back and thought about returning but only these people came back to process with me.

A few people apparently notified the campus counseling center and an actual therapist came out to talk with me. There was so much more to this video than I put up do to time restraints and I may upload a larger video later.

Please share this video via Facebook and Twitter if you enjoyed it, related to it, laughed or smiled at it :3) It REALLY helps to get these kinds of videos out there and it pushes me to be more creative and original!

Will Is Everything

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  1. The response of the strangers with so much kindness, love and compassion made me cry. This video restores faith in humanity. It reminds us that the majority of people out there really are GOOD at heart, and also are aware that depression and mentioning suicide is a big red flag that needs immediate help. I love these people for recognizing that. If you are struggling with any kind of illness whether body, mind or spirit, please reach out to talk to someone. Don’t try to keep it inside and suffer alone. There are people who CARE and will listen because YOU matter.

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  2. I totally agree with Mormon Soprano’s comment “This video restores faith in humanity. It reminds us that the majority of people out there really are GOOD at heart.” With all the negative stuff in the news we can easily forget that.

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  3. Reblogged this on Never Ask "What If?" and commented:
    I have been considering doing a social experiment on depression for quite a while now and came across this. It brought tears to my eyes. Some people just don’t understand people with depression. Some don’t even care what the situation is, they just really want to help you. I have the utmost respect for those people.
    There is a lot of ignorance when it comes to depression. I’ve seen it in my friends, my family, even in people that have depression. I wondered if there are others out there that truly just don’t get it. I decided to do a social experiment Via “Omegle”. There is an option where you can ask a question to two strangers and silently watch them have a discussion about it. I asked specific questions about depression that I know played a big part in my life, and I got some very interesting answers.
    Stay tuned.


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