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An Autism Awareness Shopping Day?

An Autism Awareness Shopping Day?

by Michelle Rice

The Truth the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth of Raising a Child with Special Needs.

When your car pulled up in the parking lot right after ours my eyes were drawn to your bumper sticker ” I someone with autism”

We had just pulled in and were getting our son (Zach) out of the car as you got your son out. You walked right behind us into the grocery store. I know you saw my son jumping and flapping and I heard your son behind us. I felt empowered as we entered the store together, thinking to myself “A “friend” to help spread the autism awareness!”

I had a hard time concentrating on my grocery list, as I was watching you stand behind your son, holding his hands on to the grocery cart handle just as I had done so many times. I saw your son grab the peach while you were looking at something else and I caught a little glimpse of myself from several years ago. I couldn’t help but get a little smile thinking of the time when my son had grabbed a lemon out of the potpourri display at a Hallmark Store and taken a big bite out of it, and the explanation that ensued.

You were watching too, you watched my son happily vocalizing and galloping through the store. We passed in the aisle….you smiled at me and I smiled at you, neither one of us having to say a word. I feel like we both shopped with a little more confidence and a little less care about what others were thinking. Secretly we were in this shopping trip together and there was power in numbers.

Did it cross your mind that others might be wondering if this was a special “Autism Awareness Shopping Day?” I did and it made me giggle. Just wanted you to know I enjoyed shopping with you.

autism awarenessMichelle Rice is Zach’s mother. She runs a Community Page on Facebook about ‘the truth the thole Truth and nothing but the truth’ of raising a child with special needs. Please visit Monkey Business





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