1. Great post! Perhaps the struggle in the culture revolves around language and the lack of precision that such statements like, “don’t judge” harbor. I think it’s a modern failure to contextualize and specify what we’re talking about.


  2. What a thought provoking interesting post! I had really not thought of judgement in this way before but what you say makes sense!


  3. Oh gosh yes. This article says exactly how I feel. I hate the perception that judging is somehow a bad thing. We judge every day of our live in both big ways and small. I don’t know how we’d get on without judging. How would you have friend if you didn’t judge which people you like and which ones you don’t? How would you judge which restaurant to go to if you didn’t pick from those you love and those you detest? How could we possibly be critical of anything, such as sexism, homophobia, racism, or transphobia, if we didn’t judge such social ills? Judging is necessary, and it’s nice to see people recognize and celebrate that fact.
    I’m reblogging this one!

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  4. Reblogged this on The Shoops Roost and commented:
    This post on ‘judging’ is on point. This is exactly how I feel. Judging is incredibly important in our day to day lives, but it has somehow become demonized (in part, I think bc of religious teaching that tell people “thou shalt not judge”).


  5. Speaking to the choir my friend! I am highly judgmental… and those judgments are a survival ‘must’ as a mother! (and a woman and a self-employed person…).

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  6. An excellent post and another much-needed jab at the sometimes overworked aspects of the Political Correctness movement. Thank-you for letting me feel for a while at least like I’m not the only one fighting this fight. I really do love your site. Thanks again.

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