Man's Best Friend

Man’s Best Friend Helps Catch his Owner’s Murderer.

This week, while he was walking with his dogs, a college student was killed in what was apparently a botched robbery attempt for his cellphone. This little champ you see in the picture below tried to protect his owner, but unfortunately his owner died from being stabbed. Following this the dog stayed in place to protect the man’s belongings until the authorities arrived.

Man's Best Friend

This dog wouldn’t even let the cops get close to his owner’s goods at first but, when they did, they found out that the dog had attacked the killer in such a way that he hadn’t even run away with the stolen goods or his knife!! Thanks to a fingerprint trace the police arrested the man, capturing him just 500 meters from where the crime had occurred.

The alleged murderer was also linked to other robberies in the same area.

Man's Best Friend

Nothing…NOTHING matches the loyalty of a dog.

Man's Best Friend


  1. Stories of animal abuse are hard enough indeed, completely ripping my heart out – but for some reason, stories of pets who mourn and are sad and bereft – sadden me the most and make me cry almost instantly.

    Dogs are the best people on Earth – humanity needs to follow them as an example and be more unconditionally-loving of others.

    This was a good post to know about, but very sad. Thank you for sharing.


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