1. This evening, on the way to the local church where I practice singing, when I was about to cross over, I had observed the circulation and made certain that no cars would be coming … so I was about to cross to the other side of the way … unluckily, there were 2-3 taxis driving towards me from the front, so I made a quick decision to cross as fast as I could … before having done so, I took a look behind me and there were 3 cars during towards me … I thought I wouldn’t make it for the distance of both sides of those cars was narrow and it was too late to move … I felt like if I had moved on, those cars behind would have hit me right in front but if I had stayed on the lane, those taxis would have crashed me as well …. and I would rarely have had a second to shout … so I just thought … ok, if it’s time then I would be ready to go … luckily, those cars drove slowly slow and moved a bit away from the lane …when I got to the church, after having parked my motorbike, I made a sign on my chest to thank God and my guardian angel … right away …thanks for your reading, I know this is long … but it was unbelievable .

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