It’s Okay For Guys to Show Emotion

It’s Okay For Guys to Show Emotion

by Nick Peterson


emotional guys Unfortunately, we seem to live in a world where men are expected to be macho. Growing up, I never fitted in with these gender stereotypes, nor have I ever desired to. Just because you are a male, it should not mean that you have to behave in a certain way. It should not mean that you are expected to hide your emotions, demonstrate your strength at all costs, or lust after every woman that you encounter.

In fact, I believe that men show their true strength when they are completely themselves. In a world where people are so often judged for being different, it is so much braver to stand apart from the crowd and say, with your arms outstretched, ‘This is me, guys.’

It is so important for men to be honest about who they are. It’s not healthy to suppress emotion just because it’s considered “unmanly” to get upset – and men are most certainly not “girly” if they do get emotional! Feeling emotion is not a feminine trait. Feeling emotion is fundamentally human, so cast aside the masculine nonsense and don’t be afraid to open up! Do not be afraid of being yourself.

Just to clarify, there is nothing wrong with men who adopt masculine qualities, as long as they are happy with who they are. The point of this post is to state that men should have the choice to walk down any path that they choose. The same thing applies to women and their gender stereotypes.

Some people think that feminism is no longer necessary, but I believe that it is required for the benefit of both sexes. Femininity in both men and women is constantly under attack – constantly shot down and belittled. But we need to start celebrating these wonderful traits… being sensitive, nurturing and compassionate are human traits, not just female qualities!

For humanity to move forward, people should embrace the best qualities of both genders. The chivalrous nature of the traditional male and the nurturing nature of the traditional female – there is no reason why all of us can’t be these things. Men can show emotion, women can be strong, and we can all be free.

by Nick Peterson of Ignite the Light Blog



  1. The rhetorical answer to your title is absolutely. I tear up every time for the catch scene at the end of “Field of Dreams” as my Dad, who is gone, and I used to play catch and do batting practice.

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