1. Lovely post at the end of a difficult day. My thoughts are with you.
    You struck a chord with me in our comment about the fact we live on autopilot, taking for granted the people and things in our daily lives. I was thinking about that today during our 3 hour power outage. It is a privilege to take a hot shower, sip a cup of hot tea, or even to listen to music. Great post.

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    1. Many , many thanks for your kind words! All of those seemingly little things suddenly become significant when they are gone, and some of the things so readily available and accessible, like clean water and food, are scarce in some parts of the world. Just to be alive is such a gift and a miracle, but again, we often take it for granted. I hope to turn off the autopilot and become fully engaged in my life.

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    1. It is unfortunate that it sometimes takes a tragedy to do so, but I know that I will not look at my life the same after this. I am inspired and motivated to live life in the present and to be grateful for all of the big and small things.

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  2. This is so terrible and it sometimes takes that to realise what we have and not take it for granted. I feel for your friend and noone can change it. It is so very hard though to deal with that!

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  3. I did something like this last year, but on my Facebook page. It’s so uplifting to find one here on WP. I’m so sorry for your friend’s loss! It has to be devastating to lose a child… I hope that all her friends around her keep check on her for more than the next 3 or 4 days. The hard parts come later, esp. around holidays. Good blog!

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    1. Many thanks for your sweet words! It has been rough, but I know that this is only the beginning of the grieving process. So glad that you like this blog series about gratitude, as I did it last year on Facebook, too, and I was going to do it this year and at the last minute changed my mind. I feared it may not go over well on the blog, so, I am very grateful for the support and positive feedback. Heartfelt thanks!

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