Uplifting Photo of the Day Features One Man Stuck in Traffic Blowing Bubbles

‘MWP’ wrote: “The guy next to me got bored in traffic and started blowing bubbles”

Blowing Bubbles

This is plainly a man who knows how to live life and can find his happy place even whilst sat in a traffic jam 🙂

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      1. I left out of my original comment, the many weird looks I got from other folks driving by – peering in to see a goofy woman playing a harmonica while stuck in traffic 🙂
        I may just sneak a harmonica into my car again. I have a few.
        AnnMarie 🙂

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  1. Love this so much! Not only does he lighten up his own mood, but every one around him. I mean, who doesn’t love bubbles?! I’m putting a bottle in my car today, and I’m ready for the next traffic jam. 🙂

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