1. “embracing the beauty of things by (through) their brokenness” wow! And even more – becoming more beautiful than having been originally, because of having been broken. God is honoring in a very special way a broken heart. And it’s called blessing. His blessing. Beautiful thoughts! Brilliant! The way gold enriches a former precious vessel, turning it into a even more valuable jewel. I feel enriched by your post. Thanks!

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  2. Pithy and beautiful post.
    The ability of approaching life creatively makes a person an artist. Art is the perception and evaluation of beauty.
    The life mastery is the years of experience.
    The biggest mistake is the unknown defect.
    Self-compassion is a weeping willow whose branches look down of its own diclining.
    For people suffering is the poignant torment of living. The brairds of happiness grow in suffering and become gold sheet flowers on decorating the garden of dreams.

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  3. This paragraph is marvelous., “If I were to try to illustrate that musically, it is not the machine-controlled, perfectly synchronized drum beat that never misses a step that excites me, but that single, masterful, human snare hit that was almost on time but just dragged by a fraction of a second… It is not the perfectly calculated singing pitch that I find myself relating to, but the vocal take which is off by just a fraction, yet full to the brim of genuine emotion.”

    Ironically, I was watching the new show “Scorpion” last night and a musician was lamenting at the end about the computer developed and played songs. He said something very similar – perfection is those notes that are just off when played by a human. It in those imperfections do you find perfection. Well said. BTG

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  4. Reblogged this on and commented:
    “When a plate or a vase is damaged, it undergoes a special repair process whereby cracks and fractures are filled in with gold. In effect the repaired object becomes stronger and more beautiful than it originally was because it was broken.”


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