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    I was so thrilled to watch this all unfold on Facebook and it was me who tagged Melissa. Speaking later with Melissa, she was overwhelmed by the experience.
    I had the best time taking photos of the trucks on the day and by taking Master Four (my grandson) with me, I was elevated to ‘Best Ma’ status for the next day or so. 🙂

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        1. Hi Laara,
          Although I wrote the piece I did not provide the photos and am unable to edit on this site as it is owned by another person. I will contact the owner of The Kindness Blog and pass on your request.


  2. I am so pleased that Jorge got a ride and a convoy. It is difficult to organize truckers to all be in one place as they often have very tight schedules that preclude such activities. It was wonderful that so many got to participate. I hope that Jorge’s year continues to be great.

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  3. This was an incredible day, surrounded by an incredible community. Such love and respect.

    It was an honour to spend the day with the family photographing their emotion and reaction to this beautiful communities outpouring of love and joy.

    Please ensure that you follow appropriate copyright rules and credit Hope’s Wedding styling and photography as 99% of the images used above have been provided by us.

    Thank you


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