1. It sounds as if your day had its moments but what a champion you are for continuing to be mindful in thought and finding these things to be grateful for. Sending gentle kind thoughts your way and may your tomorrow be filled with smiles and laughter. Have a wonderful, restful evening. Peace

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  2. I loved how you are grateful for your children. I am truly grateful for my children and how they helped clean up my mother’s garden as their Christmas present to them. They didn’t complain even though it was very hot and humid but instead enjoyed being with my mother – she has Alzheimer’s. Take care at your work. It can be tense but you are safe in God’s hands. 😀


  3. I have lived in Scotland now for 30 years and I was in a coffee shop in my small village and I happened to say to the woman, ‘it’s Thanksgiving Day in America today’, and she said, ‘do you still celebrate it’ I replied, ‘every day’ and the Scotsman standing behind me piped up and said, ‘I like that attitude!” 🙂

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