1. I expect I am being really dense here but I don’t understand what you mean by ‘typical employee makes less than $1 a year per location’. Can you put this in a different way?
    It is a nice and generous idea you have but actually I think that Starbucks should ay their employees a decent salary.

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  2. Whilst I wholeheartedly agree that you should at least smile and take the time to acknowledge your barista when you’re speaking to them, I’m honestly not sure how I feel about tipping. Before you think I’m a stingy creep, please hear me out..!
    Generally, I’ll leave at least a 10% tip (which is customary in the UK) after a sit-down meal at a restaurant, but I do it out of cultural conditioning more than anything. When I was a bartender I never expected tips, but I did expect a fair wage from my company. I feel like we should be concentrating more on getting the companies in question to pay a wage their employee’s deserve and are happy with rather than thinking about how much we, the customers, should be tipping. I don’t earn much more now than I did as a bartender, and when I do get a Starbucks or a restaurant meal it’s a treat. Having to supplement people’s low wages with tips seems more like a distraction to the fact that these enormously rich corporations aren’t paying their staff enough! I’m sorry if this sounds mean, but I think it’s meaner to be a big earning company that’s stingy with it’s staff.

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    1. Agreed – I think the problem is with the companies, and it shouldn’t be our responsibility to help them make a more livable wage.

      But unfortunately, that’s a much larger issue that could never be rectified. In the meantime, every little bit helps 🙂

      Thanks for reading!

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  3. What a simple idea to show how easy it is to make a difference. It really is about a change in the attitude of a persons heart, knowing that even the smallest act of love brings a change into the world.

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  4. I don’t visit Starbucks to often…to pricy, but when I do, I usually get good service. Around here I have never heard a SB employee complain about wages. Most that I know say they pay pretty good and enjoy some perks. Maybe it’s not like that around the world…but here if employees are dissatisfied they don’t let it affect their service. I enjoy my coffee, but pay more… I will stick to my coffee pot.

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  5. Come on Starbucks you were ‘one store’ once, the little guy, remember Pike Place, Seattle, I do ?? Why not pay your people a fair wage ??? Why is it in the western world now a daze that the money always comes from the little guy and not the BIG corporation? I am an Ex Pat yank and if you are in ma wee Scottish village now I imagine there are quite a number of stores !! since Pike Place opened. I used to go there to support the little guy, :).
    REMEMBER ???

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