Kindness In The Airport Security Line

Kindness In The Airport Security Line

To the couple who stood behind us in the airport security line ~

Your quiet act of kindness is something I will never forget.

Traveling with 4 kids is hectic, but traveling with a special needs child brings uncertainty and uneasiness. It had already been a rough morning… not getting enough sleep, looking for lost shoes, making sure all of Lucie’s medical supplies were packed, spilt coffee in the car, backseat “He’s looking at me!!”, tears and the list goes on.

To say that I was mortified when Lucie’s suitcase hit you… would be an understatement. That line couldn’t move fast enough…. But your reaction spoke volumes to me. In her mind, your forgiveness, compassion, and sweet banter with her made you two friends with her for life. And then to top it off, the sweet bag of furry friends you sent to our seats completely sealed your fate.

You will be prayed for and talked about for many years. She insists on telling everyone about the “Man I hit at airport. He forgive me and give me blue monkey”.

Sooo, thank you. Thank you for going the extra mile. Thank you for your sweet and understanding reaction. Thank you for your very generous gift (Lucie and Charlie both sleep with their monkeys). And thank you for showing this momma that kindness and genuine love for others still exists in the world.

May your Thanksgiving be filled with love and joy. Know that we are incredibly grateful for people like you!

God bless,


By Margie from Ft Lauderdale



  1. I love this kind of stories. It shows that there are so many lovely and compassionate people in this world. There are not only the horrible news on tv, there is also so much love around us. Sometimes we just forget to open our eyes to see it.


  2. Quite beautiful.

    Children are often brilliant judges of character. They have heightened intuition which tends to be forgotten or becomes something that faith is lost in when older.

    We should have trust in the little people – they often know more than we give them credit for!

    Thanks for sharing


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