The Berlin Book Forest

The Berlin Book Forest

Books are just awesome. We’ve heard people say that physical books may be a thing of the past, but there’s something so very satisfying about picking up and reading a real good book.

There is even something special about giving that book to someone else, even someone you don’t even know.

A neighborhood in Berlin found a great new way to promote literacy and books. Residents of the area happilyparticipate in a free book exchange that happens in an unlikely and unique place.

This cluster of trees in the middle of a sidewalk is called “The Berlin Book Forest.”

The Berlin Book Forest

These trees are used as a free book exchange for residents in the area.

The Berlin Book Forest

There are a few shelves in the trees, with plastic covers to protect the books from any bad weather.

The Berlin Book Forest

There are a variety of books exchanged in the kiosk, in both German and English, with genres ranging from children’s lit to contemporary fiction.

The Berlin Book Forest

The Book Forest’s purpose is to encourage literacy in the surrounding area, and it became very popular.

The Berlin Book Forest

It became so popular that it was originally supposed to only stay in its place from 2006 to 2008, and still stands today.

The Berlin Book Forest

The Berlin Book Forest

This is a really awesome idea, and a great way for books and reading to become more central in communities.


Imagine an entire forest full of these book trees. If you love books, would you ever want to leave it? 🙂

As society changes, it’s important to stay connected to others and to things that matter. Like reading.

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  1. Truly an outstanding idea. It is wonderful that such a idea occurs in Berlin after the Nazi book burnings highlighted in “The Book Thief.” We have had a few book burners (or curriculum watchers) here in the states, so it is great to see the sharing of books. Well done.


  2. In Christchurch someone used an old fridge as a library after their devastating earthquakes a few years ago. The libraries were closed and people needed something to distract them from what was going on around them. It helped to have something to read. 😀


  3. Reblogged this on Becoming Being and commented:
    This is very cool way to share! I wonder whether it is the inspiration for what I have seen in the Wallingford area of Seattle – little book houses. They look like bird houses, only they are filled with books. I was lucky one day to find a book that was a sequel to a book I had just finished. It was incredible timing, as I had put the sequel on hold at the library but hadn’t received it yet. These things are awesome. What else could we share…?


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