Kindness and Cookies for a Forgotten Lady

‘Anonymous’ wrote: “Made cookies and brought them to the local nursing home. This is Mrs Posey.”

random act of kindness

“She is 112 and the nurse said she hasn’t had a visitor in over 3-years.”

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  1. That is truly the hardest thing about growing old… the people who know you well start dying and then there’s no one. My plan for the future – find as many young friends as possible, and pay attention to the old ones whenever I can.


  2. Another form of elder abuse. I once worked in a ward for the elderly and saw that happen. There was a cat that used to hang around so one day I put it on the lap of an elderly lady who hadn’t spoken in years. She then started speaking again. So the cat kept coming back to her and it lifted her up so much. 🙂

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