So, You Want an Unconventional Christmas Tree do You?

When a man loves a woman, and she asks him for something special, what can he do but give it to her…

‘NAD’ wrote:

“My mom asked my dad to a get an “unconventional” tree that she “didn’t have to decorate”.

funny christmas tree

“Dad delivered.”

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  1. Kudos to Dad for the effort since it not only doesn’t need decorating but it also won’t dry up and drop needles or catch on fire or use electricity. Those things aside, it is kind of ugly (and probably doesn’t smell good).


  2. I remember one year we had a real tree which dropped needles all the time and our vacuum cleaner decided to die as well. My father had to sweep up the needles each day from the carpet which is no mean feat. We got an artificial one after that. 😀


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