1. I know just what you mean. Yesterday my husband, daughter and I decided to end our Christmas vacation doing something fun. The cold, freezing rain put a damper on many of our suggested ideas, so we settled on lunch and a bit of shopping. Nothing earth-shattering, but just getting out of the house and spending the day together was magical.
    P.S. My daughter and I saw Big Eyes Friday evening. We both enjoyed it. Her comment on the way home: “One of us needs to write a post about that.”

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  2. Kristi, you are so right. It is the journey together that often exceeds the destination. I saw the same movie with two of my kids and we had fun. I love Meryl Streep and Emily Blunt. And, seeing Tracy Ullman again was fun. All the best, BTG

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  3. As I’ve now almost made it through day 4 of my year without saying anything unkind to anybody, I can totally agree with you that it’s good to know were all in this together.

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