1. I’m sick today and have lots of thoughts about the body. It’s actually kind of marvelous that the fever I’m working up is roasting the little invaders out. I am always in awe of how everything works, whether we understand it or not. And we definitely should take good care of what we’ve been given to live in.

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  2. Just think if you hadn’t landed in the hospital what continued damage could have taken place. Good for you for taking it one day at a time and trying – that is more than most people ever do! Here’s to a healthy and Happy New Year – I can see your body smiling!


    1. Thank you so much, and you are right about that trip to the ER being a true blessing. It definitely happened for a good reason at just the right time, and I am so relieved and grateful to be feeling much better. Hope that your new year is filled with smiles and good health!


  3. .I am glad you are feeling better and are focusing on taking care of yourself as you care so much for others. Thank you for the inspiration. I too have allowed my eating habits suffer and a small fracture in my ankle has prevented me from doing the exercise I would have liked to participated in over the last couple of months. Here’s to self care my friend!

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    1. Sheila, I hope that your ankle mends quickly and fully, and I have no doubt that you are going to be back on track in no time. We’ll keep taking it one healthy choice at a time, and this is going to be our year:)


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