1. Please accept my deepest sympathy. You grandmother must have been proud of her legacy and beautiful grand daughter. Your kind heart could only have been inherited either by genetics or by genetics and good example set by your grandmother. She must truly be a grand lady!

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  2. No matter what , even if you know for a fact that someone only have a certain amount of time left, it is still unexpected , no matter what. You never want a loved one to pass. I always say to my mother , I wish there was a freeze button on life. I wish I could keep my 12 month old at 12 months and my 5 year old at 5 , and , well, for my 13 year old , I wish I could have paused her between 1-6 lol. But for death, I also say to my mother , I wish there was no such thing. But my mother always tells me that a life lost is a life given. Whether that is true or not , who knows. I am so sorry for your loss , it is never easy, even though the pain does ease , that sadness will always linger. But it sounds as though you were close and had many more good times than bad. So that said at least you have good memories and not bad ones like some people I know have. Have a blessed night!

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    1. What a truly beautiful response, and I simply cannot thank you enough for sharing this. It is written so very well, and I definitely relate to it, especially the desire for a freeze button. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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  3. Beautiful history, beautiful life and beautiful legacy. I can see how you would be so affected. My condolences and best wishes. I’m sure you’ll make grandma proud. Probably already have been doing that all along 😉

    Cheers for awesome life of grandma! Keep up the good work too bud!

    Your pal,
    David Long

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  4. Sorry for your loss.
    That quote is so true, and so valuable that it deserves to be spread (or spread more). Here’s to her. She’ll live on with the memory, her love and accomplishments…including making it to that age. Not a quitter.

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  5. No matter how old, unexpected or expected the death of a loved one is never easy. Glad you have so many good memories. She certainly seems to have been a character. Condolences.

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  6. What a beautiful young man … Journey well, my friend – I have heard your voice and I’m sure others who read these words hear you too. You life has had an impact 💕


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