1. God’s speed in getting out of your funk over the Packers’ loss to Seattle. As a hapless Viking fan, I envy how you were held hostage by the playoffs… we long for that experience. As a family man, I totally relate to how traditions can be so important in dealing with grief and joy. Keep the kindness flowing, Dietrich.

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  2. I never enjoyed a game so much as I did the Packers Seattle game Sunday. I was with a group of friends and sat next to a coach who explained the game so well as he called plays and fouls, and pointed out errors in judgement. I’ll cherish that game for the experience of an enduring friendship. Looking into the future, whenever possible I’ll sit next to this friend so I may enjoy the game more. I was saddened by the loss but I realize there are far greater things of importance in my life then a football game. They are friends, family and the comfort being loved and returning it. Go Packers! !


    1. Thanks, Fran, you nailed it with your comment, driving home a point I was making about enduring friendship. I had been watching the game virtually solo, and reacted accordingly, with no one to understand or hold me up. so I agree that friends, the kind who divide the grief and multiply the joy, do make a difference.

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