1. After the mom made her speech I might have calmly turned to the daughter and asked, “Is it true what your mom just said about you? Do you treat everyone with respect?”

    Good, honest soul searching and owning up to your part. Kudos.

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  2. This was an excellent, instructive, insightful story. Truly rich from so many angles.

    The problem with every circumstance in life is…there’s so many darned angles. And, we’re so imperfect because not one single person is perfect. And, we inevitably find a worm in every bite of every apple. Darned those stupid worms.

    I’m an empathetic person who can enter into various experiences, as though it were my own. I have been in so many circumstances where, from one angle, things look a certain way. Not often, but sometimes, I’m given an invitation to see something from a new angle…and those darned worms show up in what I thought had been a clean bite into a perfect apple.

    But, I was wrong.

    Sometimes I talk too much. Like now.

    Suffice it to say, this post is “pure gift”…rich with invitation to soul search. Bless you for writing this!

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  3. I’m sure that I could not teach teenagers.I bow down to your skill and ability to carry on through their coming of age. I have had two teens and although they were kind and caring and attentive, they were still totally unmanageable at times. At 14, the daughter had decided she could drive as well as the adults and secretly made copies of the car keys (so none were seen as missing) and took the van at 2 am one morning, picked up a load of her friends and was cruising. A flat tire caused her to panic and she called for help, thankfully, as she was afraid to harm the van. Many other incidents including an invasion by the cops when they videoed the young man selling weed out the basement window. ha! According to the cops he was not using, just helping his friends by getting it for them. They gave him a break and did not charge him but took away his stash (garbage bags full) after which he almost had a breakdown as he had the weed on consignment and owed his supplier 4 figures. He was so upset and convinced he would have broken legs or worse, that we paid his debt for him. An unanticipated addition to the budget “Pay Off Drug Debt…”

    Anyway, they turned out fine but I could not even imagine dealing with a classroom full. My hats off to you and your colleagues – I am so, so glad that people like yourself exist.

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    1. Thank you for reading my blog and for taking the time to write your response. My oldest son is now 20 and doing wonderfully, though I’m not sure how I survived his teenage years!


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