1. It could be I’m just a little strange, but I really think I started enjoying sporting events of all kinds a lot more when I stopped having favorite teams. Now I enjoy every great pass or catch, amazing goal, or save, and never have to waste my energy on explaining why the guy didn’t deserve it, one way or the other. I’m just thrilled by the incredible athletic performances of every person on the playing surface, and I have twice as many reasons to cheer as the average person sitting beside me who spends half the game complaining about how what he just saw didn’t really happen.

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  2. Amen to the Seattle fans who were/are experiencing what this Packers’ fan experienced two weeks prior. I do like watching football with some skin in the game, having a favorite team, or an outcome. But I was putting my heart and soul into it (not money), and that, I concluded, is dangerous to my mental and emotional health with carryover consequences into other relationships and work. It’s even idolatrous, as I pointed out, which is putting other priorities and affections ahead of God.

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