1. Thank you for sharing your story. Thank you for giving life to, and saving the life of this sweet little girl. Hoping your story will touch others and cause people to re-think their plans if any thoughts of aborting a young life have been in their minds or planted there by others. God’s Blessings on your family.

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  2. She’s going to be a strong girl… She’s is here because she wanted to have this experience, have you as parents, share with you this new life… That’s karma. My youngster Sara Luna is a premature of 32 weeks, after the loss of my dad in the fifth month, she wanted to see the light… but I took good care of myself and she waited few more months.
    Now she’s almost 13 yrs. old, she’s strong, has a powerful mind and is very determinated… she’s here to remember me that she wanted to be with us, at any price.
    I wish you and your four kids all the blessing 🙂

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  3. Thank you for sharing your incredible story! …I’m sure I’m not the only one who want to ask this, but…why call her Stinx? A name is like…vision casting…so, this name…well… ?

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    1. Her name is a special nickname her daddy gave her because she always had stinky milk breath as an older infant/young toddler. He’s the king of weird nicknames around here & because of my Facebook page, i try to protect my kids privacy by not using their real names.


      1. 🙂 I’m getting duller in my old age. I should have figured that out (that the name was protected)…but, truth be told, it’s fun now, to know how that nickname came about. Thanks for your patience with me.

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        1. No patience necessary! Four kids have dulled my brain horribly as well, sometimes I feel terribly clueless when I should be on top of my game. Glad i could clarify for you, & still very thankful you read my piece!

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  4. beautiful and touching, my youngest is “booger” she came into the world face first! All we can do is love them all we can – which you did! and leave the rest to God. Being a parent is the greatest challenge/responsibility/joy there is!

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