Allan Law sandwhiches

This Wonderful Man Risks His Own Health Every Night to Serve The Poor and Homeless

Allan Law sandwhichesHis doctors have asked him to stop. He works too hard, he barely sleeps and what he’s currently doing is putting his own health at risk. However, he’s not listening to the Doctors.

Allan Law is a retired school teacher and every night he drives all around the streets of the city of Minneapolis giving sandwiches from the back of his car along with some other basic supplies. He is fully committed to his cause, serving the poor and homeless is a number one priority for him.

It is estimated that he handed out over 520,000 Sandwiches on the Streets of Minneapolis Last Year.

Allan is dedicated in giving his time and kindness for those who need it, watch his inspirational story below.

What a tremendous example this man sets for all of us on the importance of taking care of one another.

Find out more:
Allan Law is featured in the documentary The Starfish Throwers. Find out more:

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  1. Walking the talk, this is how we all should be toward everyone. The heart that is filled with love and kindness never really dies for it’s deeds walk the streets of others hearts and memories forever.

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