1. Thank you for sharing this amazing story. So often we need to reach the lowest point in order to find out that there is more waiting above we just went into the wrong direction.


  2. I started crunching up my face. Then, the tears formed. Now I’m doing the ugly cry and my heart is hurting in a really awesome way.

    Your story was so well written and so engaging…and then the twist came — I was certain this story was made up. But I knew it wasn’t…

    If I don’t step away from the computer to get a coffee – RIGHT NOW – I’m gonna be a blubbering idiot here…

    Well done. God bless you (Oh, ya – He already did!).

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  3. You are a walking miracle. You had to go where you went — to get to where you are today. There are
    no accidents in life. You can inspire, teach, and show your light to all through your writing. I love every book and
    waiting to read the others that are coming soon.

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  4. Thank you for your writings….thank you for keeping it real and reminding me where I came from. They help keep me going and fuel me. Paul has told me a lot about you. I look forward to reading your blogs.


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