Pablo Stanley

Keep Smiling (Daddy) – by Pablo Stanley

We never know, for sure, what is really going on in someone’s life unless they have told us or we have seen for ourselves…Pablo Stanley

At any point there will always be many people going through un-imaginable suffering, tragedy and loss. They will handle their pain in the best, or only, way that they can and their behavior, mannerisms and speech might, or might not, show their internal anguish.

It is so easy for us to judge or mock others, especially when we do not know them or their life-story.

Please be careful with your words out there. Please be gentle.

Pablo Stanley was born in Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico, on June 18 1981. He studied elementary and middle school in a catholic school, which led him to become an atheist. Later, he studied High School in the Baja California Bachelor School. He graduated as a Designer from the Xochicalco University in 2004 .

He started working in publicity companies in 1999. He got a job as Creative Director for an international company in San Diego, California. He created his own clothing brand “Stanley+Colors” and opened an exclusive store of his own designs in Mexicali.

He has been in different bands. He formed a punk rock band named Dead Stanleys, which broke up in 2006. The electro-pop group Magnolia Ave. Toured in Mexico and Spain as ‘Da Perv” and now DJs under the name Pablo Stanley and produces under the name Hustlehoff.

He began writing comics in January 1st 2012. From there he hasn’t stopped. let’s hope he doesn’t.



  1. Pablo, very thoughtful post. A psychologist consultant who helps companies set up Depression/ Obesity management programs for large employers quotes the following statistic – one in five people will have some form of depression (from mild to severe) during their lifetimes. She also would say that you can look at any large company’s health claim data and see 10% of the prescription drugs will be for depression. Her goal is to get folks to see a therapist given the vast number of depression meds prescribed by MDs. My point is many families have tough issues they are dealing with that they do not share with the public. We should remember these statistics along with the above. Great post, BTG


  2. You are so true that we should not judge others, even if we do know the full story. However, for those being judged remember that the person judging you is a reflection of them actually has nothing to do with you.

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