Summer Lloyd's letter to her father

Lost and Found – A Girls Letter to Her Late Father

A patron walking through the parking lot of a pub in Somerset, U.K., happened upon a crumpled letter lying on the ground. When he picked it up, he realized he had found something incredibly special, and totally heartbreaking.

The letter was written by a 10-year-old girl named Summer Lloyd, and was addressed to her father, who passed away five years before. Summer was planning to attach it to a balloon and let it off into the sky but she dropped it in the car park of a rural Somerset pub and feared it was lost 

The letter is a direct and honest look at Summer’s thoughts on her dad’s death.

One line reads, “Sometimes I look at the sky and make a wish. And I make the wish on the brightest star I see, and I believe it is you.”

Summer Lloyd's letter to her father

Full text of letter below;

‘Dear Daddy. I love you. I miss you so much and I wish you were here right now!

‘At night I sometimes look at the sky and make a wish and I make a wish on the brightest star I see and I believe it is you.

‘I always think of you on your birthday, father’s day, my birthday and Christmas and always after.

‘Happy some days sad the other but right now I can feel you in my heart and you are always in my mind but I just wish I could have said one last goodbye and one last hug before you took your journey to your new home in heaven.

‘I know all my brothers and sisters and everyone in our familys (sic) miss you every day too and wish you were still here but until we meet again or talk again I will leave you to rest.

‘I love you so much xx RIP daddy xx and I hope you are happy where you are xxx

‘Lots of love, your little girl Summer, I love you xxxxxxx.’

Summer Lloyd's letter to her fatherSummer and the owner of the pub where the letter was found.

Summer talks about how much she loves and misses her dad, and how she’s coping with the loss. She was planning on tying it to a balloon and releasing it into the sky, but had dropped it at some point. Luckily, the pub patron found it and returned it to the owner of the property. The owner, in turn, posted it on Facebook in the hopes of finding the writer. And it worked.

The letter was returned to Summer, whose family expressed gratitude at having it back. Summer did release a balloon, as she does every year for her dad. However, she decided to keep this year’s letter and frame it so she can remember the incredible story.

(via Elite Daily)



  1. Its quite a sad story that she even had to write the letter in the first place but then to find it in the street is even sadder. I hope it made her feel better writing it though.


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