1. Hi Jeff,

    What an absolutely brilliant post.

    Having worked in organisations for close to three decades, your post resonates. I also realise that we at times conform to a behaviour mould which we believe is the right one for the organisation and / or circumstance. The need to be seen as doing the right thing, setting the right priorities and interacting with the right people arises out of an intrinsic insecurity about how others judge us. And so we wear the right masks and don the correct stereotype apparel for the occasion.

    So what practices do we need to adopt to be more authentic?



  2. It’s great to see leadership in this way. I have met a couple of senior politicians (on both sides of government) in the UK – albeit very briefly – and I was struck by their ability to generously acknowledge everyone involved in a meeting or an event. They took time to talk briefly to people and ask what they were doing. They were incredibly time pressured but made their time seem limitless for the few moments you were with them.


  3. Jeff, this is what a great leader does. I have read where certain dignitaries go out of their way to thank wait staff, as they have been in those jobs and appreciate what they do. A great leader is inclusive. All should remember that. Thanks for sharing. BTG


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