To the Beautiful Lady at My Vet – by Jessi

at the vets waiting roomOn Tuesday January 6th I had to euthanize my kitty Sara who I have had for fourteen beautiful years. (She had multiple tumors).

When I came out of the room where she was there was a lady in the waiting room with her dog. She took one look at me, said “Oh honey, I am so sorry”, then let me pet her dog.

When she was called in, she looked at me again, gave me a really big hug, and told me “It’ll get better. It’s always hard.”

I have never seen this lady before in my life, and she probably had no idea how much her hug helped.

So I thank you random stranger that gave me a hug that I so needed.

~ by Jessi via



  1. I’m so sorry to read about your cat. We had to have one of ours who was only 3-years-old euthanized on December 3, 2014. He had a massive blood clot that cut off the circulation to his hind legs and caused him terrible pain. Dissolving the clot was possible but had a high probability of leading to other problems that would have resulted in further pain and suffering. It was so hard to let him go, but we knew it was the right thing to do. We still miss him very much, though it is getting better as time goes by. He will always have a special place in our hearts.

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  2. I am truly sorry for your loss. It was six months ago tomorrow that I had a similar experience. We had our 13 year old mini doxie, Riley at a vet overnight. He had a blood disorder and would have required multiple blood transfusions which would not cure him but buy us a little more time with him. We spent the day agonizing over the decision to have the vet end his suffering. We were in the car and the vet phoned to say that he had just passed away. We were crying and were terribly upset. Once we arrived at the vet, we were quickly ushered into the back to a room where we could say goodbye to him. We were given time to see him and time to arrange for his cremation, his left and right front paw prints and we were given clippings of his hair. We were going home, each in the middle of our own grief and leaving without our dear and loyal fur-kiddo. Our eyes were red and full with tears as we came into the waiting room. A kind women must have seen my sadness and the many tissues in my hand. As I passed the bench on which she sat, she softly said that she was sorry for our loss. She stood and gave my a hug. I have forgotten her face but not her kind words and warm hug. She offered a hug, a simple act of kindness that meant the world to me.

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  3. Feel for you for sure, it never gets easier. Try to remember what a good life you gave each other, thats how I have coped in the past. The lady at the vets………..lovely and the true meaning of kindness 🙂 Hug to you 🙂

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