1. great advice and so true. It does get more difficult as they get older, but keep on doing what you are doing, actions speak louder than words!

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  2. Loved this – and agree wholeheartedly that kids don’t have to be excessively expensive.

    Kids may sometimes look at peers as their “mirrors” on outward issues…but when they’re trying to discern “the heart of each matter”, they’re looking at their parents. Our hearts need to be mirroring back a health-ful image that they can emulate.

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  3. Anna, well done. Cute pictures and lessons for us all. I listened on NPR the other day to a piece about one of the best teaching toys for pre-K. The sanded, uncolored block. Kids were building, failing, trying again, interacting, learning math, as they made all kinds of things with these unsexy wooden blocks. Hearing the kids as they did those things was priceless. Your post reminded me of the simple things that are so impactful. My three are all 17 and older, so it has been awhile since those times.

    Take care, BTG


  4. Yes, very true. I have two kids and we live fairly simply, in a little weatherboard house in the country. We have to wait for the things we want, and I think that is one of the best ways to teach our kids. They go to a public school, and do one, maybe two sports at a time. So that’s never what I say when people have lots of kids…what I do say however, is wow! Did you mean to have that many? I could never have more than two, you see 😊 For reasons of sanity, mainly 😜


  5. Reblogged this on The Forever Years and commented:

    An article after our own heart! “The Forever Years” loves this, encouraging reading and something we should all be mindful of as we raise our children. Many thanks to Anna Barton from New York, USA for her great article! 🙂


  6. This is so true. Before I had a child I’ve always heard people complain about a child being expensive and I’ve always agreed becasue I didn’t know any better. Our son is two years old now and me and my husband agree that we think people are exaggerating a bit-or it depends on how old is your child, for now it hasn’t been expensive-we sure have more expenses than when it was just the two of us but I think the minute you findout that you are pregnant, you start taking out ‘nice to have stuff’ in your budget and prepare for more expenses because there’ll be one more person in the house.

    And I agree with the writer that kids don’t need all that we buy for them. We’ve also fallen in the trap of buying our son tons of toys that he only use for a day or two and when we force him to play with them-because we’ve spent money buying them. The excitement of getting something new fades away after a few days and all he wants is to play outside with dirt.

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