Alan Barnes mugged

Disabled pensioner, 67, Who Was Mugged, Meets the Kind Stranger That Raised $413,000 in Just Four Days to Buy Him a New Home

Until a stranger’s act of kindness turned his fortunes around forever, Alan Barnes’s life had been a hard luck story.

Born disabled, he has suffered from sight and growth problems, never been able to work and his distinctive appearance attracts stares in the street.

When a mugger pushed him to the ground outside his home and broke his collar bone, the 67-year-old was determined to soldier on as he’s always done.

But local beautician Katie Cutler heard about the cowardly attack and set up an online appeal to raise Β£500 to help the unfortunate Mr Barnes.

As of today the appeal had hit Β£330,125!

Alan Barnes mugged Mr Barnes, who is very frail, just over 4ft tall and weighs around six stone, has been overwhelmed by the response from well-wishers across the globe.

The donations mean he can buy a house of his own for the first time and not count the pennies to get through the week.

And yesterday, he got the chance to thank Miss Cutler, 21, in person when she visited him at his sister’s home in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.Β 

Amid emotional scenes, Miss Cutler gave him a hug and held his hand as they chatted on the sofa. ‘I am totally overwhelmed and incredibly grateful to Katie for what she has done for me,’ he said.

Alan Barnes mugged
Miss Cutler had a tearful meeting with Mr Barnes at his sister’s home in North Tyneside, where he is staying
Alan Barnes mugged
Mr Barnes said he had wanted to meet Miss Cutler ever since he found out about the fundraising she started
Alan Barnes mugged
Mr Barnes said the selfless act by Miss Cutler and other people who had donated had restored his faith
Alan Barnes mugged
Mr Barnes has been staying with his sister and her family since the attack – including his niece Georgi Galloway and great niece Florence Purvis

Mr Barnes said, ‘The youth of today don’t always get portrayed in a positive light, but I won’t ever forget what this young woman has done for me. This is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

‘I always knew there were good people in the world, and this has confirmed it.’


  1. Beautiful ….and this is my heroes!! What I put my faith into … people that makes a difference to other here and now. My heart is singing now after reading you post and watching the video. Thanks for sharing.
    But what kind of world do we live in ???? Is there no respect left for other people.

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    1. Hey, thank you for your comment πŸ™‚

      I think we, in the main, live in a good world. However, the mainstream media focus almost exclusively on the ‘bad news’.

      The light is winning.

      Best, Mike.


      1. Mike, I agree … but still there is too much “evil” in our world and many forms. And it’s getting closer by the day. But we can’t walk around and be worried, because then the “evil” has won.
        I wish you pleasant weekend. Wivi

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