1. There were many times that I took my two kids out into the rain and we danced while singing “Singing in the Rain” at the top of our lungs. This is one of their favorite memories, jumping in puddles and dancing around. Great fun, and I’m so glad that we did this! 🙂

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    1. Well, then just dance around in your living room with the tunes cranked-up; or do it in the shower. Either way, if you have children, let them know it is okay to be silly sometimes.


  2. Great story. One of the great ensures in life is to walk in the rain on a nice warm day with your face up and singing. Doesn’t matter how wet you get….it’s only water.

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  3. Oh! Singing in the rain. I love when it’s raining, and it is actually raining right now in Spain while I’m writing this. However; I must say the song reminds me of a Workclock Orange film, which is not very kind really, but at least I’m feeling happy with the pouring rain outside the window. I cannot get out to dance, as I’m still recovering from the flu, but it feels good to read the post.

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