Alyx Delaloye

Boy Gives Hockey Stick to a Girl Fighting Cancer at The game

Keaton Hamin and Alyx Delaloye

Nine-year-old Keaton Hamin is the most selfless little hockey fan in Canada.

Keaton won a stick signed by the team’s Tyler Myers during a recent Winnipeg Jets game. Seven-year-old Alyx Delaloye, who sat near Keaton, was so excited about the hockey stick that she ran down to see it close up. What she didn’t expect was for Keaton to follow her back to her seat and give her the stick.

Alyx Delaloye

Keaton noticed that Alyx was fighting cancer, and thought she deserved it more than him.

His sister was already the proud owner of a stick she received at a Jets game, so he could just play with hers. This little boy’s amazing act of kindness will certainly resonate with Alyx for the rest of her life.

Keaton’s parents should be very proud of him. Alyx’s parents are equally proud of her for being so brave.

After the game, Alyx and her family were invited into the locker room and met the whole Jets team. Alyx is going through her sixth round of chemo, and has become good friends with Keaton. The pair have hung out a few times since the game, sharing their love for hockey and the Jets.

(source The National)

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