One Person CAN Make a Difference

One Person CAN Make a Difference

Just wanted to share. My awesome daughter spends her days making cards and sending them all over the world to anyone in need. She’s spent a lot of time in hospitals and knows what it’s like to get a card…

This is her card making table!

One Person CAN Make a Difference

She’s in her 20’s.. health has kept her from getting a job and/or going to school. So she saved up Christmas money and went into “business”. She’s a very caring, very sweet girl…

She found a fantastic website called Angels Sending Hope that sends weekly emails and they also have an ongoing list that is updated.We help her out with postage now and then.. She can make and send out about a dozen a week, so she goes through stamps rather quickly! She’s wonderful… 

~ by IndieGal_60

‘Angels Sending Hope’ supply the names of individuals who need their encouragement, along with a forwarding address to mail them a card or letter. 

Angels Sending HopeThey encourage anyone and everyone to join, including – scouts, church groups, and nursing home groups.  Anyone can do this – it’s as easy as filling out a card or writing a letter, and sending it in the mail!

Click the following link for the Angels Sending Hope Facebook Page

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