Imagine If – by Lucy Williams

Yesterday I was on the tube when a young man got on. He was crying and begging for money or food.

homeless manAs always on the tube people looked uncomfortable and tried to ignore him. Now I’m not judging them because I found myself doing the same thing. I was confronted and felt uncomfortable and didn’t know where to look. I was confronted because I didn’t know how to help, I only had my debit card and no change. What could I do?

He was distressed and said he hadn’t eaten or drunk anything for days, I dipped in my bag and pulled out the bottle of water I’d brought. Another man helped him into a seat. Another man patted him on the arm to comfort him. He cried and said he could go to a friend in Edgware. Me and the man next to me gave him directions and off he went. I don’t know how much we helped but we tried.

Imagine if we all went beyond our discomfort and even just smiled at people rather than overlook them, imagine how much difference we could make…

By Lucy Williams of the The Kindness Project UK – GROUP



  1. I believe we are afraid of getting close to people, but offering a word or kindness, or providing a cup of tea and advice is not earth shifting stuff – we can all do it – if we take the time to stop and think.

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  2. So true! One of the things I love in reading the stories of Jesus in the Bible is that Jesus really looked at people, He saw them, especially those who others ignored or looked down on. It only takes a moment but it can mean so much as your post illustrates so well…thanks.


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