1. Ah yes, I know exactly what you mean (having traveled as a single mom too long ago). It’s true though it does tend to restore your faith in humanity, there are so many kind folks around. Now my “birdies” have all flown the nest I try to be one of them in remembrance of all the folks that helped me.


  2. children are easier to endure when you let them satisfy curiosity parents are horrified when kids take my cane, or check out my leg brace, but I have grandkids. I talk to children, which sometimes makes me “creepy,” I guess, but I love seeing them smile or hearing their answers to, “You helping Mommy?”


    1. Ha! I know what you need. I’ve horrified a few people myself with how much I let the baby roam, but I figure it’s good for her to explore. Thanks for reading!


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