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Kind Strangers Saved Me When I Tried to Kill Myself – by DrizztDo

suicide wallpaperI was in a really tough spot a couple of years ago. I was 24, homeless, and extremely depressed. I had recently stopped shooting Heroin (for about 6 months) hoping my life would magically turn around, but the depression and anxiety were still there.

I had to beg for change to get my next meal, live in filthy clothes, and sleep in a tent by a river infested with spiders and mosquitos.

It was the 4th of July and my 24th birthday was only a couple of days away. I remember thinking about how I missed my family, and how impossible it seemed to turn my life around.

Some kind stranger gave me $30 dollars, and I got it in my head that buying a fifth of cheap vodka and $20 of black tar (Heroin) was an easy way out. I went to a park and drank like half the bottle all the while watching the happy families have BBQ’s and laughing.

I knew my tolerance would be little to none, and being drunk and shooting Heroin is a one way ticket out.

I cooked up the shot and watched all the happiness around me for about 20 min then I put the needle in, and the last (thoughts) I remember were “This is it. It’s finally over…”

I pushed the plunger, and faded into darkness. It was weird though, It was like my last thoughts dragged on forever, and I entered a weird void where I was just floating.

Luckily, a couple visiting the park from Texas had been watching me, and were making a plate up for me from their BBQ. The husband noticed me go down and rushed over and called an ambulance.

They later told me I was purple and unresponsive and they had never seen anyone that color before.

I woke up in the hospital scared, and confused. A doctor came in and told me what had happened. Then the couple came in. I had no idea who they were, but after talking I admitted to them that it was a suicide attempt and not an accidental overdose.

They refused to leave my side and checked me out of the hospital. They drove me to their hotel, let me take a shower and gave me 3 meals a day for the duration of their trip.

I’m still thankful to them everyday.

If you are feeling suicidal please call a Suicide Hotline for confidential and caring advice.


    1. There is so much goodness still in this world~ I know you were blessed by what this couple did to save your life~ your life has a purpose otherwise it would of been over on that 4th of July~ I hope you are now finding your way in the world and looking to see the goodness in all the people who now surround your life~ Bless them and Bless you, you can do this, never give up trying go anywhere you need to ask for help and find the resources that are needed so you never go back to the dark and lonely place again.

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      1. Wow, this humbles me! Thank you! I’d love to. I am thinking about a post I am about to write and I would love to send it to you as well since it is meant for spreading hope and strength. How would you like to receive the post?


  1. Thank you for sharing. Don’t ever give up on yourself. These people were Angels waiting to save you. When you have doubts, remember these Angels.


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