My Mom's Motorcycle

How My Mom Became An Owner Of A Motorcycle

This is a short film about how Douglas Gautraud’s mom became an owner of a motorcycle.

It’s a wonderful meditation on family lineage, serving others and living a life well-lived. It’s about how people use objects to connect with times, ideas and people.

We have noticed mixed feedback about the ending and the message of this video. Did you like it?


  1. Great little video and what a honor to your Grandfathers. It is very clear while watching this that not only did you love them very much, but that they gave you so much more than the few personal possessions that you have shown us. Please appreciate the fact that Mom’s will do just about anything to protect their children.

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  2. Love the ending – a simple but humorous twist! In some accounts the ending can distract the reader from the message that has been given in the context of the story but not so with this. We are left with the knowledge that your grandfathers left with you with the legacy of their life and experiences and they were phenomenal. Kudos to you and your mum and her bike. Being a mum myself, I would have done the same and that is, bought the bike. Lol!

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