1. Give yourself a pat on the back and know that you are allowed to feel weak and sad at times. Everything is a cycle and sometimes I think the dark times just make us reach more for the light and appreciate it when we get there. Praying for you.

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    1. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful perspective, as I know that Mike and I each are reaching for that light more and more. Your prayers touch me deeply, and I cannot thank you enough.


    1. You are more than welcome, and thank you for taking the time to read it and respond to it. I always hope that what I write resonates with at least one person, and to know that you could relate to it makes this all the more meaningful. Your kind words made my day, and may we all have rainbows in our lives to look for when the storms end.

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  2. Kristi, I have shared this with you before, but even Mother Teresa got down and had to pray for strength. Your voice means much to many, so when it is silent, each of us suffers with you. I hope you are feeling better, mentally, spiritually and physically. Take care of YOU first. You matter. Thanks for all you do. BTG

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    1. As always, your words touch my heart deeply and made me tear up. I cannot thank you enough for your endless support and understanding, as it helps me to find my voice when I feel as if I have nothing left to say. You matter, as well, and I am so fortunate to me traveling the blogosphere with you. Thanks for being there!

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  3. Yes…I read this morning that pain is a hot potato passed from people who do not have the courage to sit with their own pain. To take this personally is to increase the pain burden or the size of the hot potato. I hope you come through this sooner rather than later…blessings xo

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    This is just what I needed tonight. Perhaps it will be a comfort to you as well.This is just what I needed tonight. Perhaps it will be a confort to you as well.this is just what I needed tonight. Perhaps it will bring you comfort too.this is jUst what i needed tonightThis was just what I needed tonight. Perhsps it will

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  5. Your statements are great! It isn’t easy to polarize on positive thoughts and clear energy when you feel empty… Is most important to realize that the LOA function well when is used constantly (which isn’t either so easy). You shall start your day thinking positive, the law of attraction is powerful but need to be practised constantly! Nevertheless, don’t forget about karma… which is another crucial point to think about with full consciousness…
    Serenity :-)claudine

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  6. So sorry to hear that you are passing through a tough time, but you clearly have an enormous heart and you are solidly grounded. I know you will make it through this tough time and emerge with new strength and wisdom. Many are sending all good thoughts your way, including me. –lori

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  7. Hugs to you both Mike and Kristi. I did see the note on the FB page and send positive thoughts your way. It is true that when the light is out in our lives, we struggle to see the good even if it is right there in front of us. Know that this too shall pass and that life goes on. Blessings to you both.

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  8. I have also noticed that when I am working for the Lord and real miracles are happening, I experience that same anxiety. There is a spiritual battle for our soul and the world and also raging within each one of us. It is most difficult to continue being love to others when your world begins to shake. Scripture says to resist the devil and he will flee from you. God keeps His promises and wants the whole world to be free. We may not have tomorrow, but today love conquers all. Keep shining your light, my friend.

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