1. Terrific post and words of advice to life by. Thankfully you were able to recognize and correct the behavior that would have evently aced a wedge between you and your children. So many others don’t recognize that until it’s too late. It’s not easy to show restraint. Good for you for finding a way.

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  2. Ahhh, children: God’s gift to parents!

    Having two boys, I went through this period with two little mischief-makers – they would really jerk my chain. I finally began warning them, “Can you feel the bad daddy coming?” I took a trip out to the Getty Malibu and came across a wonderful metallic-lime medusa head (with like ten snakes coming out of it). I told them it was my signal that I was getting to the end of my patience with them. The first time I put it on, my youngest started yelling “No, Daddy, No! Take it off!” He was really terrified. I never used it again.

    We had more fun with a toddler “Wheelie Toy” from McDonalds. This had three gears encapsulated under a clear case that were turned by a wheel with a little thumb depression in it. Whenever they got too terrible in the car, I would ask “Where’s my wheelie toy?” and make a big deal out of working it. If they kept it up, I’d just pull over on the side of the road and wait until they got themselves under control.

    It’s nice that you got that note. Mine are off to college, and so sophisticated and sure of themselves. My eldest once lectured me on ethical philosophy using concepts I introduced to him when he was seven. Well, at least he’s taken ownership!

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