Citizens lining up to protect Baltimore Police.

Iconic Image of Citizens Lining up to Protect the Baltimore Police and Protesters

Standing in front of the line of riot cops was another line of middle-aged men.


They were there, one man said, to provide a buffer between the police and the congregated citizens.

Citizens lining up to protect Baltimore Police.

“If there was no buffer, the situation could escalate like it did yesterday,” one man said.

“Yesterday was a day for the community’s voice to be heard,” he said when I remarked that the difference between last night and tonight was astounding.

“Today, it’s being heard in a different way.””

Image taken by Van Applegate

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    1. “The relative calm that took over Baltimore can be credited in part to peaceful protesters who formed human barricades between hot-tempered demonstrators and police, day and night. We show that we can police ourselves,” said a man who stood for hours in what protesters called a “unity line.”

      “We’re about positivity here in Baltimore. It starts with us. This long line of people came out here because what we seen on TV yesterday, we didn’t like it.”

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  1. Thank you to every man who stood with the police and military, taking a stand for what is good and right.
    I do not live in your area, but am proud that men would stand up like you men are.
    Men and women who think like you are in the majority. It has just taken a few to cause and create the trouble, and then it escalated to a few more. Probably, as in other cases, even in our area a few years ago, outsiders came to the area to cause trouble, loot and steal.
    Stand firm, STRONG MEN OF BALTIMORE. Continue to show how true men act.
    God’s Blessings and Protection to all.

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