STRANGERS Turn Up for the Funeral of the Baby With no Name

A Crowd of STRANGERS Turn Up for the Funeral of the Baby With no Name

Hundreds of mourners today attended the funeral of an unidentified baby boy whose body was found wrapped in a blanket on an Edinburgh (Scotland) railway track.

STRANGERS Turn Up for the Funeral of the Baby With no Name

Local residents and community leaders gathered at Seafield Crematorium, Edinburgh, this morning following an appeal by police, who feared that the no one would attend the service after police failed to identify the baby’s family.

The congregation of strangers bowed their heads in respect as the tiny white coffin was carried through the cemetery, accompanied by the moving sound of a single piper playing Amazing Grace.

7 STRANGERS Turn Up for the Funeral of the Baby With no Name

Dozens wept as the minister delivered a moving sermon about the infant, simply named in his death notice as ‘Little Baby Boy’, before laying balloons, flowers and soft animals on the site where he was finally laid to rest.


The newborn’s body was discovered by a dog walker on a disused railway path in the Seafield area of Edinburgh.

Tests on the baby showed that he was up to six weeks old and detectives believed he had been healthy and well fed.

Police Scotland published a death notice in the Scotsman newspaper, inviting people to attend the funeral for the ‘unknown little baby boy’.

4The sombre message quickly went viral, with community leaders encouraging people to attend.

Cards left at the grave read: ‘The people of Leith will be your family’ and…

STRANGERS Turn Up for the Funeral of the Baby With no Name



  1. Just another reminder that we are not alone, that we travel the Earth together, even if we don’t know each others’ names. Bless you, darling baby boy–your life mattered and changed the lives of many.

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  2. Because most people are kind, and the death of a baby–alone, unloved, deserted–brings any normal person to tears. Good for them for giving this little one a sending off filled with the love that was not there for this little one in life … May this baby rest in peace in the light.


  3. All this while naming the new royal baby made the top of the news and money at the polls… What a sad world we live in…! Kindness is made with discretion, in silence, while money… by “screaming” in the media! What a difference…!

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