letter from a senior - kindness

He Taught This Senior To Use Computers and the Internet, She Thanked Him with a Letter Typed in Word

I teach seniors at the senior home how to use computers and the internet.

When I came in today, one of the ladies used MS Word to write me this letter…

letter from a senior - kindness

Transcribed for anyone who has trouble reading it from the picture.

Dear (Name Protected)

Thank you with all my heart (and more, if possible) for the wonderful gift of music you have given me (obviously haven’t quite mastered the intricacies of Word yet.)

I spent all last night searching YouTube and ‘subscribing’ to stuff I haven’t heard in years except in my mind (as well as some comedy routines that never fail to crack me up)

Again, with all my heart (I could use one of those little emojis right about now!)

Love (Name Protected)

PS. And I even get to watch them. How could I ask for more!?!

PPS. And there are several versions of many of them – be still my heart!!

He taught this elderly woman a set of new skills and she wanted to show him that she had learned them!

This is adorable

~ by leanentrep

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  1. Beautiful, I always regret on why I did not have the idea to teach my grandfather to use internet back in 1998 when he was alive…I know internet was restricted, but still with effort you could get connected and probably he would be able see pictures of his home town in Spain (Sariñena) after 60 years living in Chile


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