Doggy Parking Bays

Great Idea! The Barking Lot (Doggy Parking Bays)

Doggy Parking BaysIf you have ever wanted to go shopping but had nowhere to leave the dog, IKEA may have come up with the perfect solution.

The Swedish furniture giants have created doggy parking bays where customers can leave their pooches while they have a wander around the store.

Doggy Parking Bays

The dedicated spaces, complete with artificial grass, water bowls and a secure place to tie them, have been set up outside stores in Cologne, Germany.

It gives customers with pets a place to leave them while they negotiate their way around the furnishings shop.

Doggy Parking Bays

The company is well known for its childcare areas and even set up a special installation – complete with a flatscreen TV showing sports and computer games – for retail fatigued men in Sydney, Australia, one Father’s Day.

This latest concept, which has proved popular with social media users, is designed to stop people from leaving their dogs inside hot cars.

Doggy Parking Bays

Shannah Fedus wrote: ‘IKEA is awesome and these need to be everywhere!’

Adriane Zane tweeted: ‘This is brilliant. German IKEA has #Dog Parking Lot so no dogs in hot cars. Good idea!’

Doggy Parking BaysWe don’t know how many people go to IKEA with their dogs, but this really seems like a very cool idea, especially as leaving our poor dogs in the car on a hot summer day is an absolute NO.

Nice one IKEA.

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  1. This actually pisses me off! Why bring your dog out to tie it to a pole so you can go browse in a store? Leave the poor dog at home. People use dogs as accessories and conversation pieces. Geez. How would you like your husband or wife to tantalize you to go out on a date, and you are all excited and get all happy and dressed up, only for them to leave your ass at the curb while the go inside a bar for a beer. Come on people. It is so irresponsible to do this crap. And then this just makes it so easy for the dog to be stolen. It’s not a bike you take out and tie up outside a store. It’s a living, breathing animal, that looks to you for protection and love. Not to be taken out and left out in a “parking spot”.


    1. It pisses me off more that people leave their dogs in a hot car in the first place, so I would much rather see said dogs being outdoors in a “doggy bay”, with a bowl of water instead. Sadly, you’re always going to get irresponsible pet owners, but at least IKEA are trying to come up with a solution, and I commend them for this.

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      1. The issue is that if people aren’t able to give their dog undivided attention when out in public, leave them at home. Why do they need to bring a dog out to shop? Would they tie their child to a lane? People would say a child is different but a dog is a living breathing feeling animal. Too many people have dogs that really shouldn’t.


      1. I travel all the time with our three dogs and we just don’t go anywhere where we know the dogs can’t go. If a person decides to have a pet, then they must accept complete responsibility for that pet and not only when it is convenient for them. Just don’t go into a store to shop. If you are traveling then plan ahead especially if you are traveling with a pet.


        1. That is nice you can plan your trips like that, but this is a very convenient way and place to leave your dog for the short period of time you will be in the store. A nice cool drink of water and resting is a great idea for a dog.


          1. I am more protective of my dogs than most people are of their children, so yes, I do plan my trips accordingly if they are going with me. They never leave my side when out for a walk. I guess I begrudgingly have to accept that not everyone will treat their dogs like we do and there will be those that see their dog as just a thing to be tied up outside a store like a bike while their humans go about their lives. When you look at it from that perspective, I guess one can say that IKEA is to be commended for seeing that there are, and always will be irresponsible dog owners, and thus are providing some shelter for the dogs of those owners. However, you could also look at it from the point of view that IKEA sees the potential for more profits by luring in those irresponsible dog owners by providing a place. No matter how one looks at it, it’s still a dog being tied up outside a store, by itself. Many times I pass dogs tied up outside a store and there is fear and terror in their eyes.


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