crying child in restaraunt

One Father’s Act of Anonymous Kindness Left a Lasting Impression

crying child in restarauntMy dad took my brother, sister and I out for lunch at a local diner/ice cream shop.

About three tables away was a very bedraggled mother with twin infants in carriers and two other small children, and it looked like today was the day for all of them to act up.

After I was done eating I went to look at the pinball machine ( a lifelong obsession) and on his way over to collect me, my dad stopped at the counter, paid our bill, and the lady’s as well.

He never mentioned it later, and did it in a way that no one other than the cashier would have even known, but I managed to catch it.

I know its a very simple act, and it probably wasn’t very expensive, but the fact that he did it without much thought, and not even to use as a kindness lesson to us kids, always stuck with me.

~ by ‘CCC’

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  1. Reblogged this on The Forever Years and commented:

    A great little story illustrating how we, as parents, can support one another during tough times and how it takes all of us as a community/ global village to raise our children 🙂


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