man carrying boy

The Man Who Carried Me

When I was 9, my parents had just gotten divorced. My mom moved my brother and I from Baltimore to Boston.

man carrying boyAs a newly divorced single parent, Mom didn’t have much money for necessities. One thing that she counted on was not having to buy boots for us until after Christmas. She wanted them to be a gift from Santa.

She underestimated how cold canvas shoes can get in the winter in Boston. Snowy weather starts much earlier there than in Baltimore.

I ended up going to school on a very cold morning and before I was half way there I was crying from the pain in my feet.

A nice man stopped and asked what was wrong. He helped me calm down and half carried me the 2 blocks to the school. I probably wouldn’t get in his car or let him fully carry me, I don’t trust strangers that much.

He came in and took me to the nurse who helped me with my wet, cold shoes. I think my mom had to go buy me boots that day because we both got boots.

I think about him a lot. I don’t know his name and even if he was standing next to me I wouldn’t know. But his kindness meant a lot to me.

~ by Bebinn

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  1. Heart warming!…Years ago when we lived in Boston, my then husband saw a little boy walking to school without a hat or gloves, on one of those very cold winter Boston mornings. He stopped his car and gave him his hat and gloves! I had forgotten about that kind memory, thank you!

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